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How A COVID-19 Doctor NJ Can Help You Towards Recovery

COVID-19 doctors in New Jersey are highly-experienced in the best recovery programs, treatments, therapies, and services to help you towards recovery. Patients recovering from the novel Coronavirus may encounter a wide range of physical and cognitive symptoms. This includes shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, or brain fog. That’s why many functional medicine doctors Bergen County NJ have begun offering specialized treatment programs to help patients currently suffering from COVID-19, as well as those battling long-haul symptoms. If you, or a loved one has been afflicted with COVID, these treatments may play a vital role in your recovery. To help you get well now, read on to learn about how a COVID-19 doctor NJ can help you towards recovery.

Virus Testing

Before individuals even begin experiencing symptoms, they may want to visit local doctors for COVID-19 testing. Tests are available for patients experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or individuals that have been in close contact with a confirmed case. You may also seek testing if you were in areas where social distancing was not enforced, such as festivals or concerts. Other common reasons for testing include receiving a referral from your workplace or healthcare provider. When you are ready to schedule an appointment for COVID-19 testing, visit your doctor’s website and fill out a brief questionnaire. Absolutely, PCR, NAAT, and rapid testing is a primary service from your New Jersey COVID-19 doctor.

At-Home Treatment Planning

Of course, your experienced COVID-19 doctor NJ can also help you through at-home treatment planning. Most people diagnosed with COVID are able to recover at home. Symptoms may last for up to a week, but you will likely start feeling better within ten days. However, there are several steps that can be used to shorten the virus’s duration, promote effective sleep, and decrease pain. Typically, these home-based treatment regiments are highly focused on fluid intake, resting, and taking medications or additional supplements. Definitely, speak with your COVID-19 doctor New Jersey about your potential for at-home treatment planning.

COVID Physical Therapy

Next, many expert doctors have made physical therapy are a core component of COVID-19 recovery programs. These services are especially helpful for patients battling post-acute sequelae of SARS CoV-2 (PASC), commonly known as long COVID. After all, these conditions are frequently attributed with symptoms of body aches, headaches, muscle pain, low endurance, or poor sleep. Your physical therapist will recommend low-intensity stretches, moderate exercises, balance training, and strength-improving movements. Most of these you’ll be able to do home. Engaging in these exercises, you can significantly improve your stamina, strength, and overall quality of life. Certainly, COVID-19 physical therapy New Jersey is an essential component of your treatment.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

In addition, your COVID-19 physician NJ may also recommend some form of cardiac rehabilitation therapy. These cardiac exercises are widely-known to help patients improve cardiac functioning and pulmonary conditioning. In short, it is an evidence-based approach and intervention for secondary prevention. Typically, these services are reserved for patients that have suffered a heart attack, or are battling heart disease. However, they have shown a great deal of benefits for patients recovering from COVID-19 as well. When properly administered, these treatments are known to improve physical health related quality of life and decrease pain. If you want to receive treatments safely from home, you can even schedule an appointment for pain management telemedicine rehabilitation New Jersey. Surely, cardiac rehabilitation will play a major role in COVID-19 doctor treatments NJ.

COVID-19 Medications

Also, speak with your COVID-19 doctor NJ about the various medications that can aid in your recovery. Currently, there are a few FDA approved medications for patients with worsening symptoms of COVID-19. One of the first drugs to be approved was Remdesivir. This pharmaceutical agent is used to block the SARS CoV-2 virus from spreading throughout your body. Another popular option is Acterma, which is mAb authorized for emergency use. These medications are already to treat many inflammatory problems, such as arthritis. Other popular drugs are Baricitinib or Corticosteroids, which are both known to lower inflammation. Indeed, COVID-19 medications NJ will play a great role in your physical health recovery.

Coronavirus doctors New Jersey offer some of the most advanced treatments programs to help you achieve recovery. First off, your recovery process may begin with COVID-testing. Also, many doctors will recommend COVID-19 physical therapy Jersey City. They can even help you formulate an at home treatment plan. In addition, your rehabilitation regiment may also consist of cardiac treatments. You may additionally want to learn more about the various medications that are available. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about how a COVID-19 doctor NJ can help you towards recovery.

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